Getting a summer position as a creative in New York is far from being easy. The competition is ruthless. The agencies are selective. The city is bold. I followed Bukowski’s advice. I found what I love, and didn’t mind if it killed me. Fresh cut passion. Design. Advertising. Art. New York is just the best city on earth for this trio.


Fuck Yeah! I managed to find a room in Brooklyn, and not inside a freezer. In my suitcase, I packed Ellen Lupton’s Thinking with Type, my Macbook, Wacom tablet, camera, X-acto knife, a picture of my mom, a couple notebooks and some clothes. The perfect survival kit. I am oh-so-ready to leave the swamp!

When I arrived to NY, I took an Uber to what will soon become home.

Him: “Where are you coming from?”
Me: “Florida.”
Him: “Hahaha, welcome to reality!”

I guess Florida sounds like Disneyland with bugs to Newyorkers.

△ 3 things that stood out to me since I moved here:

There is a home for everybody:
After a quick trip to Ikea, my place looked like me. For the very first time in my life, I felt home. Like truly home. It felt like I always lived here. That’s the power of NY. Indeed, as much as I usually feel like an alien around everybody else, this city has people who nerd out on the same things, people who work their ass off, people who speak the truth no matter what, people who can tell you that you’re beautiful without willing anything in return but a smile, and people who dream big. It means I am not an alien after all. Sigh. 


Diversity is powerful:

People from all around the world live here in peace. Why can’t the world just do the same? No hatred. No bullshit. This reminds me of an incredible design project by Liron Lavi. She designed a typeface forming words that can be read in both Arabic and Hebrew. Damn genius! Click here to check out her project!

new york

Details are not small:

In an email, Michael Bierut told me something very true: “There is plenty of inspiration to be had in New York and I can tell you’ll make the most of it!” Whenever I go out, everything inspires me. Every single detail gives me goosebumps. Signs, bricks, brownstones, parks, people, dogs, streets, doors, rivers, subways, billboards, museums, galleries, markets, stairs, textures, colors, sounds, murals… NY is a kaleidoscope equipped a soul.

food superbazaar


☐ 1 thing that made sense to me:
Nasty women make history:
I went to the Brooklyn Museum during Target First Saturday, and finally saw the Radical Women exhibition. At the end, I wandered in the shop, and found buttons saying: “nasty women make history.” In Morocco, people think I’m a nasty woman. Ha!

radical women

○ 1 question:

Why can’t we order a Bloody Mary before 10 a.m.?
I arrived in this beautiful brunch place in Greenwhich Village, very thirsty, on a Sunday morning. I thought a Bloody Mary was like a spicy tomato soup with plenty of vodka. It sounded like a healthy breakfast. I had to wait until 10:01 to order my Bloody Mary. I asked the waiter to replace the vodka with tequila. I don’t remember what happened next.

bloody mary