You’re here because you’re curious to know who Dina Benbrahim is, and what you will read next must be 99% true because she wrote it in the middle of the night.

I am a troublemaker. Don’t get me wrong. Rules are good. They are really good to be broken. Coming from Morocco, I’m pretty much the antithesis of what Moroccan society wants human beings with tits to be:

  1. I have studied too much statistics, branding, Van Gogh and Gropius. In fact, I graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration, studied Arts and Social Sciences, earned a Master Degree in Marketing and Communication, and am now pursuing my MFA in Graphic Design. Good girls are high school dropouts.
  2. I have dubious morals: I make art, live in the US, travel alone, love my Apricot Cocktails with Sartre, prefer starving to read more Sartre, have tattoos, own a pas-très-catholique pink toy and 3 rubber ducks as pets, and blah blah blah.
  3. Mute isn’t me. I know how to say “no”. I said “no” to death, plastic, discrimination, violence, traditions, ignorance (hopefully!), and Backstreet Boys. Apparently, it’s bad politics.
  4. Talking about boys… I lost my Dignity Prize for not being a married woman covered with baby puke. I am, indeed, expired milk. Got milk?

The unexamined life is not worth living for me too, Socrates. I don’t want to sleepwalk through life.

I seek doubt because doubt is uncomfortable. That’s why I value mistakes. I have made as many mistakes as there are grains of sand, and I’m not done yet. I don’t want to be.

I think with words and images in four different languages. What is the big idea that will make people spend more time with this?
What if…?
Et si…?
¿Qué pasaría si…?

I live to create. I follow passion. I want breathtaking. I don’t want to work for the bottom line. And if, “at any street corner, the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face” (Camus), then be it. Give me nonsense; I will give you what you need.

I am no big person. I just have fun doing art and advertising. In fact, I have recently been ranked #2 Silly Person in the Universe after Bob l’Éponge. Badly mimicking Rodin’s thinking man is a proof of silliness (usually, thinking does not involve a nose). Inventing an alter personality called Didsy is another one. And, to be fully honest, it’s Jean de La Fontaine’s idea. He whispered it in my ears, after he died. Sorry, you’ve been fooled. Oops!

Dina has a 4+ year copywriting experience with Shem’s Publicité, J. Walter Thompson Casablanca and as a creative entrepreneur. Today, she teaches Graphic Design at the University of Florida while pursuing her MFA.





2017/2018: Grinter Fellowship


Enti.ma – Flawlessness

Effie Awards 2017: Gold Social Good


London International Awards 2017: Silver Social Influencer


The Loeries Awards 2017: Silver Media Innovation

The Loeries Awards 2017: Bronze Tactical Use of Magazine

The Loeries Awards 2017: 6 shortlists


Cannes Lions 2017: Shortlist PR Social Influencer Communication & Amplification


Dubai Lynx Festival 2017: Silver PR

Dubai Lynx Festival 2017: 7 shortlists


African Cristal Festival 2017: Gold Regional viral film / Digital

African Cristal Festival 2017: Gold Regional viral film / Film

African Cristal Festival 2017: Gold social video / Digital

African Cristal Festival 2017: Sapphire media / Media

African Cristal Festival 2017: Sapphire Viral film / Film

African Cristal Festival 2017: Sapphire Viral film / Digital

African Cristal Festival 2017: Sapphire Media / Digital

African Cristal Festival 2017: Sapphire Regional / Media

African Cristal Festival 2017: Emerald best use of social media / Media



Renault Kadjar – Master Your Success

African Cristal Festival 2017: Emerald craft Film





2018 – Solo Exhibition “Life is Elsewhere” @4Most Gallery, Gainesville, USA

2016 – Artist in residency @Âne Vert, Essaouira, Morocco

Oct 2015 – Collective Exhibition “Chaos” – Transeuropa Festival @KM8 gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

Oct 2015 – Solo Exhibition “Deer Love” @L’Uzine, Casablanca, Morocco

May 2015 – Solo Mural Painting @Shore Club, Casablanca, Morocco

March 2015 – AUI Alternative Days @Old Gameroom Gallery, Ifrane, Morocco

Feb 2015 – Collective Exhibition “Harmonia”, @Cathédrale du Sacré Cœur, Casablanca, Morocco

2014 – Collective Exhibition “Nature & Culture” @Maoka, Casablanca, Morocco

2011 – Collective Exhibition “People” @Old Gameroom Gallery, Ifrane, Morocco

2010 – Collective Exhibition “Consumerism” @SFU, Vancouver, Canada